85 – Encryption for Everyone, with Henry Boldizsar

Shout-out to the ongoing, excellent work of editing, uploading, adding shownotes, and publishing each and every episode done by the talented Lav Kozakijević!

Thanks to Edward Snowden, we now know that governments have the power to (and do) read emails and texts and monitor online activity in a variety of ways.  It’s creepy.  Even some of the applications we use (and voluntarily agree to terms with) collect more data than we’d sometimes like.

Today’s guest is creating a way for anyone to encrypt any message on any platform.  It’s called Felony, but it’s not a crime!

Felony allows you to encrypt messages, verify identity, and ensure privacy and security over all messaging devices. Henry Boldizsar discusses why he built a program that allows even those that are not tech savvy to access the power of encryption. Besides using Felony and not being one, we discussed making YT tutorials, dropping out of high school, and ending up in San Francisco.

Felony is open source and free. It’s still in beta, but you can contribute to it through felony.io or you can get in touch with Henry via @henryboldi.

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