Episode 2: TK Coleman on Comments, Critics, and Call-Out Culture

TK joins me for a conversation on the problems with criticism and how it can sap creative power.  The main insight is that criticism is not so bad for society or creators, but that it can have a negative effect on the critic herself.

I did a pretty poor job with the intro on this episode.  I never really gave a bio for TK and I opened with a long statement rather than a question.  But hey, I’ll just tune out the critics anyway, right?

TK’s bio is here, as well as some of his writings and lectures.  He’s probably the most relentlessly curious person I know, with a seemingly limitless capacity for new ideas.  I hope to have him join me regularly on the show.  If you listen to the end you’ll even get to hear him do his best Stephen A. Smith take-down of me.  Here’s the app I referenced a few times in the episode.

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