OpenEd – I am the CEO of OpenEd (formerly called My Tech High), and we are dedicated to opening every education option to every learner.

Reveal – I served as Chief Market Officer at Reveal (now called Crossbeam after a big merger in 2024), which is an amazing company that helps other software companies change the way they sell and market by making it easy to work with partners across the customer journey. – I co-founded (then called PartnerHacker) in 2022 and it was acquired by Reveal in 2023. It was a media property that covered all things happening in the changing software industry as sales and marketing tactics shift from outbound and inbound to include Nearbound – tapping into those buyers already trust.

Career Hackers – I founded Career Hackers as a spin-off of Crash. It was sold in 2023 and I currently serve as an advisor. It’s the place to find resources on how to take charge of your career.

Chronos Labs – I joined as co-founder of Chronos Labs in 2021. It was a place to build and experiment with micropayments businesses. We launched four projects (some of them pretty dang cool), but eventually shut it down after a few years due to lack of demand. (We were too early;-)

Crash – I founded Crash as a spin-off of Praxis with some world-class venture capitalists behind me, intended as a platform for job-seekers to create dynamic profiles and pitches targeted to specific companies. The platform rocked and saw great results for a small group of users, but we never could get enough people using it to built a real business, so I shut it down in 2022. (If you want to buy let me know, I still own the domain)

Praxis – I founded Praxis in 2013 as an alternative to college. Around 600 people have gone through it and experienced amazing results. I’m really proud of this company and all the Praxians out there (many of whom I have hired over the years). In 2020, I handed over the CEO reigns to the current leadership and I now serve as an advisor. Praxis is amazing, you should check it out.