Ask Isaac: Is Failure Good or Bad?

Today I take a question from Facebook follower Andrew Stover about failure.  I’ve written before about failure not being so scary, about willingness to fail being a great test, about failure to achieve your own goals as good when those goals change over time, and even about the benefits of entrepreneurial failure.  There are books and adages flying around lately about failing forward.  Yet entrepreneur and venture capitalist Peter Thiel, whose ideas I greatly respect, says all this talk about failure is a misguided “Silicon Valley bromide”.  Are these opinions in conflict?

I don’t think so, and I try to explain why in the podcast.  Failure’s not good.  But the fear of it is worse.

Thanks for the question Andrew!  If you have questions of your own, contact me anytime.  As always, episodes are available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher.