Episode 44: Education Doesn’t Mean More Knowledge, with TK Coleman

The podcast is back and better than ever!

Happy 2016.  Let’s get this mutha rollin’.  Time to dive in to an exploration of ideas about education, entrepreneurship, freedom, self-knowledge, self-honesty, progress, and whatever other words make you feel more alive and intrigued.

We kick off season two with my most frequent guest, my good friend and colleague TK Coleman.  We intended to discuss why education is more than knowledge but, true to form, we couldn’t resist delving into several other topics.  We talked about the value (or not) of New Year’s resolutions.  We examined the concept of conflict of interest and whether it matters.  We made bad jokes and made fun of each other.

Huge shout-out to the production intern, Lav Kozakijević, for his editing, posting, and show-noting on SoundCloud!  We have a new logo, courtesy of Julia Patterson’s awesome design work.  We have new intro music, courtesy of Tim LeVan Miller.  We have new show sponsors, Praxis and FEE.  The season is just getting started.

You can submit questions for me anytime via the Ask Isaac form and I’ll try to answer them on future episodes.  As always, this and all episodes are also available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher.