Episode 51: Beginner’s Guide to Startups Part 2 – The Investor Side of the Table, with Michael Gibson

What do investors look for in a company founder?  Do they have the easy job, just sitting back with a monocle and making or breaking dreams?


Michael Gibson has been involved with Peter Thiel’s programs and investments and is now Co-Founder and General Partner at the 1517 Fund.

We cover the types of investors that can be found out there, what to look for and how to approach an investor, what a startup accelerator can help you with and what to consider when applying for one. We also hit on what investors think about when they consider which startup to support and what they fear the most.

Here is the very handy “10 Slide Pitch” document that Michael referenced.

This episode sponsored by Praxis and the Foundation for Economic Education.  Check out FEE seminars to learn about economics and entrepreneurship this summer!

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