Episode 53: Beginner’s Guide to Startups Part 3: Finding Your Thing & Growing Without Investment, Levi Morehouse

Here we are with the third installment in our startup series!  This episode features my brother Levi Morehouse, founder of multiple companies and CEO of Ceterus, talking about discovering your thing in entrepreneurship, bootstrapping and getting started, along with ways to grow without (big) investment.

Levi’s view is that there are no bad reasons for wanting to be an entrepreneur, whether you want the freedom (and responsibilities) that comes with entrepreneurship, or it’s money that motivates you. What can be of help is if you know where you want your business to end up, or at least what kind of a startup you would like to embark on.

We also talk about ways of funding that you can choose from, and how they depend on whether you are ready to cut the safety rope and leave your comfort zone.

Probably the most important thing is not to wait for ‘The Perfect Idea’, but also to be confident in steps that you are about to take.

Levi very insightfully defines three types of business:

  1. Solopreneur
  2. Small business
  3. Startup

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