Episode 67.5: FwTK – Blame Readers not Writers, Creativity Means Losing Control

Did Malcolm Gladwell really get it wrong?

People love to point out when a writer shares an idea that’s oversimplified or could be misapplied if not interpreted wisely.  Why don’t they pick on the readers who are dumb enough to misinterpret it instead?

Do ideas come first and bring about changes in technology and social institutions or do those changes come first and bring about new ideas?  What does the answer mean when it comes to creativity?  Can you control your ideas without stifling creativity?  What does it mean to have 100% equity in the startups in your head vs. 5% in those you actually create?

Mentioned in the episode: The Nirvana Fallacy, Kristen Stewart, Twilight, Malcolm Gladwell and his detractors, Scott Berkun, Agere Sequiter Credere, Paul Cantor’s Commerce & Culture, Blake Lively, The Waking Life, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Apparition, The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Bruce Levine, Thundersqueak, Youth Pastors, and more that I’m forgetting.

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