73 – Tom Woods on Being an Intellectual Entrepreneur

New York Time Best-Selling Author, popular podcaster, speaker, and intellectual entrepreneur Tom Woods joined the podcast to discuss what motivates him day in and day out, why he left academia to do things his own way, and how he’s learned to be both an ideas person and a business person wrapped into one.

Tom has multiple NYT best-selling books, but that made him a target for his academic colleagues and the intelligentsia.  The Ivory Tower doesn’t smile upon popular books in general, especially the kind Tom tends to write which, to borrow from his podcast opener, “Shred the 3×5 card of conventional opinion.”

Tom has a way of embracing debate and handling criticism, but he’s human.  He shares in this interview some of the nasty things lobbed at him and the difficulty he had responding and not holding grudges or being fueled by hate.

This is not a political episode.  Whatever you think about Tom’s opinions, I suspect you’ll gain tremendous value and insight from the conversation and gain a respect for Tom as a person.  He’s genuine and transparent and I must say this was one of the single most enjoyable interviews I’ve done.

You can find out much more about Tom at www.tomwoods.com

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