Lots of people have ideas, not many take action and create valuable products. Derek Magill, Director of Marketing at Praxis, turned a frustrating problem into nohipsterstocks.com in the course of a day. Instead of complaining or talking about your ideas, what lightning project could you be creating this week? 

In this episode you will also learn:

  • How side projects create value for you and your business
  • How to make decisions on outsourcing vs. doing the work yourself
  • How to persuade by showing, not telling
  • How treating yourself like a company changes your mindset
  • The value of answering questions on Quora
  • How to bring an abundance mindset to your work
  • How spending your own money at work is a great investment in your career
  • The behind the scenes of redesigning discoverpraxis.com
  • Steps you can take to create the job you want

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