91- How to Succeed at a Startup, with Connor Jeffers

How to Succeed at a Startup

Connor Jeffers is the Director of Revenue Operations at Dose Media, one of the world’s fastest growing digital media startups. Dose uses innovative testing to create massively viral content on their popular sites OMGfacts.com and Dose.com.

Connor shares how he built his career from interning at an education startup to becoming Director of Revenue Operations at Dose in only a few years. He teaches you how to succeed at a startup, from how to get hired, how to stand out once you are working, and how to leave a job without burning bridges.

Also covered in this episode:

  • Why big brands are paying people to make their content look worse
  • How Dose uses testing and experimentation to create viral content
  • How Facebook is flipping the advertising world on its head
  • Trends in how people consume content online (Hint: Not on your website)
  • Does content on social media platform’s make branding more important
  • Connor’s smart house
  • How to get noticed and hired by a startup
  • How to move on from a job without burning bridges
  • How you know when it is time to move on to a new opportunity
  • The value of changing “maybe we should” ideas, into “can I?” solutions
  • Connor’s favorite books and podcasts right now

Make sure to check out Connor Jeffers on Quora and Medium for a ton of wisdom on sales, Salesforce, marketing, and general know-how on how to succeed at a startup.

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