93 – Don’t Do Stuff You Hate, with Author Mitchell Earl


This week’s guest is Mitchell Earl, the co-author of Don’t Do Stuff You Hate and a Praxis participant working at Ceterus, one of the INC 5000 fastest growing companies in the country.

Mitchell shares the origin story of Don’t Do Stuff You Hate and covers his journey from growing up in rural Oklahoma to becoming an author and working with a high growth startup in Charleston, South Carolina.

Covered in this episode

  • Life lessons from livestock and meat evaluation
  • Why do so many young people want to go to law school?
  • Being entrepreneurial in college | Freelance writing and photography
  • The “Don’t Do Stuff You Hate” origin story
  • Lessons learned from writing a book
  • Mitchell’s next book
  • Then tension between getting things done and getting things perfect
  • The value of teamwork on a book project and benefits of co-authoring

Don’t Do Stuff You Hate is now available on Amazon, make sure to get your free chapter.

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