105 – Joseph Coker on Music, Comedy, and Being a Jack-of-All Trades

joseph coker

Joseph Coker is a true renaissance man. He is a comedian and podcast/radio host based in Charleston, SC. He’s also a musician, jiu-jitsu instructor, and entrepreneur.

In his early twenties, Joseph was married, living in Europe, and working for a church. Life felt stable, but it soon turned chaotic. After losing his brother and going through a divorce in the span of six months Joseph realized he needed to make some big life changes. He sat down, evaluated his life, and set goals for what he wanted to accomplish.

Now, he’s built a successful jiu-jitsu business, is headlining comedy shows, will soon be releasing a music EP, and hosts a podcast.

Find out how Joseph bounced back from adversity, become an efficient learner in so many different disciplines.

Covered in this episode:

  • Joseph’s early career plans
  • The impact of the renaissance man ideal
  • Anxiety about becoming a jack of all trades, but master of none
  • Moving to Europe, and then returning after a series of challenging events
  • How he built his jiu-jitsu teaching business from cold calling schools to find students a few years ago to turning away kids today
  • How he started doing stand-up comedy
  • Joseph’s comedy writing process
  • How to engage the crowd at a comedy show
  • The process of writing music
  • The cliche of the suffering artist
  • Good songwriting is about empathy
  • How he found a great producer for his new EP
  • Two songs from Joseph’s upcoming EP: Red Flag and Pompei


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