107 – FwTK: Balanced People are Boring, Barber Shops, and Philosophy in 30 Days

Today we’re back at it and things get a little weird at first.  We cover lots of stuff, and end with a deep dive on deep dives.

Also we unveil a cool new totally free resource by Praxis!  Philosophy in 30 Days.

Mentioned in the episode: Subway, ‘as if it’s true’, Brian Brenberg, Stanislavsky, barber shops, baristas, labels, Jewish meditation, Dallas Willard, social justice warriors, Sudbury Valley School, soccer, Why Haven’t You Read this Book?  Whitney Houston would have failed to mae it on American Idol, deep learning, philosophy in 30 days, Gregory Cokle, balance is boring.

Recommendations: Punished by Reward, and Insult to Intelligence.

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