118-How to Motivate People: Talk Less, Do More.

This week’s episodes kicks off with a question:

“Hey Isaac, I know somebody who is close to me and has no motivation to do anything valuable and is just sucked into video games. I want nothing more than to help this person find their passion and to unlock some ambition that I know is there, but I’m not sure how to do it. Do you have any advice for helping unlock those doors for people?”

How do you motivate others? Should you even try?

TK and Isaac discuss challenges and traps involved with attempting to influence people around you before jumping into thoughts on Jesus and politics and self-discipline.

Topics Covered:

  • How do you motivate people in your life
  • Why are so many people ashamed of their desires
  • Jesus and politics
  • Freeing yourself from the myth of political authority
  • Self-discipline mush be selfish and why you need to stop obey imagined authorities
  • Figuring out what you really want


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