126 – Part One of TK Coleman’s Career Journey: From American Express to American Idol to Praxis

TK has been on the show many times, but in all of our conversations, we have never taken a deep dive into his career path.

TK’s taken a fascinating path and worked as a bartender, server, financial planner, seminar leader, startup founder, assistant philosophy professor and many other roles before becoming Education Director for Praxis.

In today’s episode, we start with the first part of his career journey from childhood career aspirations, to college, and then making the move to LA.

 In this episode:

  • What did TK want to do for a career as a kid?
  • Falling in love with theater
  • Deciding to become a financial advisor
  • Feeling a calling to leave Michigan to pursue acting
  • Confusing family and friends with career choices
  • Leaving a job in the philosophy department at WMU to try out for American Idol
  • Learning that failure in real life isn’t nearly as bad as failure in theory
  • Becoming an accounting trainer
  • Learning without a scarcity mindset
  • Getting on Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader
  • TK’s first startup


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