Office Hours Episode One | Trapped in College, Breaking Boredom, and “What Do You Do?”

The first episode of Office Hours is out! Every Tuesday on Office Hours, TK Coleman and I give actionable advice on listener questions about life and career.

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This week, on the first episode of Office Hours, TK and I tackle questions about an ambitious young person that feels stuck in college, an entrepreneur who doesn’t know how to pitch her business, and a successful professional who feels bored with life.

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In this episode:

  • A handwritten letter from a mom with an ambitious daughter who can’t stand college.
  • How to create experience around your interests as a young person
  • Answering the classic question, “What Do You Do?”
  • How to develop your elevator pitch for what you do
  • Describe what you do with honesty and don’t panic
  • What to do when life is good, but you feel bored?
  • Choosing projects that stretch your boundaries

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