130 – Roger Ver on Bitcoin

Roger Ver is the CEO of Bitcoin.com and an early investor in bitcoin and many Bitcoin startups.

His passion for free-market economics led him to bitcoin in the early days of the cryptocurrency and he has been a passionate advocate and investor ever since.

In this conversation, we start with the basics, cover the most common objections and criticism about bitcoin, and then discuss the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

In this episode:

  • What was the philosophy that made you find bitcoin interesting?
  • How did Roger come to start studying economics?
  • Being prosecuted for selling “firecrackers” on eBay
  • Not sleeping for days when he discovered bitcoin
  • The elevator pitch for bitcoin
  • Common objections to bitcoin
  • Decentralization isn’t the goal, it is a tool with the goal of censorship resistance
  • The debate around blocksize
  • Cryptocurrency regulation
  • Starting a non-nation nation


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