132 – Misfit Entrepreneurs with Dave Lukas

Dave Lukas is the Vice President and CSO of Grasp Technologies and the host of the Misfit Entrepreneur podcast. Dave grew up in an entrepreneurial family, and from a young age he was creating small businesses and finding opportunities to create businesses. That entrepreneurial spark has stuck with him as he built a great career and now a thriving company.

On the Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast, Dave interviews top entrepreneurs and explores their non-traditional methods for achieving success.

In this episode, Isaac and Dave follow along with Dave’s entrepreneurial journey from selling flags on Independence day as a five-year-old to selling Cutco Knives in college to becoming VP and CSO of Grasp Technologies.

If you’re young and interested in starting a business there is a ton to learn from Dave’s story.

Topics Covered: 

  • Dave’s entrepreneurial start as a five-year-old
  • Does having kids change the way you see the world as an entrepreneur?
  • Selling Cutco knives
  • Going to work for a Fortune 500 business
  • The value of working sales for an aspiring entrepreneur
  • Starting a business while working a full-time job
  • Deciding to start Misfit Entrepreneur
  • The Misfit Three


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