Tom W. Bell is a lawyer, author, and professor focused on the future of legal systems and government. Whether it is Seasteading, double democracy, or special economic zones, Tom is at the cutting edge for ideas about the future of government.

In this episode, we dive deep into his new book “Your Next Government? From the Nation State to Stateless Nations” and the evolution of government through history and into the future.

Topics Discussed:

  • How the nation-state took over governance
  • The trend over the past century towards more centralized government and then recently to more decentralized governance
  • Different forms of governance
  • Special economic zones and foreign trade zones
  • Fordlandia
  • The potential for special economic zones in the U.S.
  • Is there too much democracy, or not enough?
  • Double democracy
  • How 100% ownership makes cities better
  • Governments as a computer operating system
  • Gold swans and why we should be optimistic about the future of government

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