137 – How Cryptocurrency Can Improve Content, with Ryan X. Charles

Ryan X Charles is the co-founder and CEO of Yours.org, a social media platform that uses cryptocurrency micropayments to incentive creators and support better content.

Ryan has a fascinating backstory of leaving academia and diving headfirst into Cryptocurrency. In this episode, Isaac and Ryan talk about that backstory, his time at Reddit, the origin story of Yours, and how Yours is helping to improve content on the internet.

Topics Discussed:

  • What the X means in Ryan X Charles
  • What got Ryan interested in Bitcoin
  • Deciding to go full-time into Bitcoin in 2013
  • The idea for Yours.org
  • The problems with micro-payments
  • Working on payment channels for Yours
  • Changing the infrastructure from Bitcoin to Litecoin to Bitcoin Cash
  • How the payments work on Yours.org
  • The different ways of creating value on social media
  • How economics helps create better content on the internet

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