A Good Feeling

For several years, I used this blog as a place to store a few odds and ends and articles. At the beginning of this year, however, I felt like I was in a rut and needed a new outlet for creating. I decided to start blogging regularly.

I wrote a post every single day, seven days a week, for just shy of six months. It was an amazing experience and re-inspired me in many ways, some of which had no direct relation to blogging. My creative juices got flowing fast, and so many big ideas emerged that I now have an overflow of exciting stuff to work on. The exercise served its purpose.

It forced me to produce something every day, and made me more comfortable putting ideas out there into the stream of society, even if they’re not fully formed, not all that great, or not paid attention to. It hopefully improved my writing a bit. It also surprised me how many things I put little thought into were of great interest to others, and how many things I found fascinating that got little notice.

I was in a rut when I began daily blogging and now, thanks in large part to doing it, I’m occupied with more projects and ideas than I can keep up with. It feels great. My need for creative expression had no channel, now it has several. I’ll be putting more effort into these things, and less into blogging, at least until I need it again the way I did to start the year.

I’ll probably post every so often, but not with the regularity I have been. I hope it’s been fun for those who’ve read a few or several posts, and for the handful who’ve read every day. I hope you’ll dig through the archives and read more.

Until the next post, thanks!