Why and How to Start Your Career in Sales at a Startup

Startups are great and full of career opportunity. Sales is valuable and transferable anywhere. Entry level sales at a startup is an excellent way to begin your career. It's not glamorous. It's hard. Most are scared of it. It's way more valuable than you think. It's not like stereotypes of used car…

The Universe is a Shit Test

From the day you're born, the entire world is telling you what to do, what to think, and who to be. That's the test. The secret is that all of it is bullshit. None of it should be followed. You've got to find a way to create and maintain your own identity in the face of a universe that screams,…

Inner Game of Startups Issue #12

Wherein I describe the horrible infection I contracted on the streets of San Francisco. Read it here.

3 Things Better Than a Marketing Degree

Study any one of these three companies' marketing efforts. ‪To be the best it helps to be around the best.‬ ‪When it comes to marketing, here are a few companies that do it at a world class level.‬ ‪(No surprise, they all sell marketing related products!)‬ Check it out.

A Comprehensive Guide to a Career in Marketing

This is a really cool resource. Details on what marketing is, how to get started, what career paths exist, how much marketers get paid, ways to win your first marketing jobs, and so much more. https://crash.co/launch-your-career/marketing