Why I Started Praxis

Exciting Changes at Praxis

Praxis is growing and we’re improving the program every day, and I’m excited to highlight some big changes we’ve just rolled out to make it more valuable to participants, business partners, and anyone interested in self-directed learning and living!

New website

You’ll notice some changes on the site.  Poke around and explore.  We’ve added a lot more detail about the program experience and hopefully answered a lot of common questions.  We’re working on an evolving FAQ page, so if you have questions not currently answered on the site or notice any bugs, send them our way!

New classes

Due to demand from both participants and business partners, we will now be launching new classes with far more frequency.  We’re setup to launch a new class every month, depending upon the number of quality applicants we have at any given time.  The old model of just two classes a year served us well at launch, but as we grow we’re keen to connect the best young people with the best work and education experience whenever it works best for them.  Applications for each monthly class open a year prior to launch and close two months out.  Apply now for classes beginning as early as October!

New structure

Praxis is now a 12 month program, instead of the previous 10 month model.  The pricing has not changed, so you’re getting two extra months!  The program now begins with a two month bootcamp where participants hone their digital skills and online brand as well as immerse themselves in the basics of entrepreneurial thinking and self-directed living before they start at their business partner.  The next ten months combine work at one of our business partners with a series of 30 day Professional Development Projects (PDP’s) handcrafted with our advisors to deliver tangible results each month.  Participants share the outcomes of each monthly PDP on their portfolio website.  We still make use of our interdisciplinary curriculum library and work with participants to identify areas of interest that they can master.  It’s all about creating value that can be demonstrated to the world, not just jumping through hoops or getting grades.  Read more about it on the about page.

New event

I’m thrilled to announce that in July 2016 we will be launching the first ever “Break the Mold” conference.  The theme is education without schooling, work without dullness, life without limits.  We’ll bring together speakers who share our passion for innovative ways to build a career, education, and life outside the old classroom-only model.  The event will feature workshops and presentations by entrepreneurs, thinkers, educators, and leaders in the arena of self-directed learning and living.  Praxis participants and alumni will also have exclusive programming and a chance to present their portfolio projects, meet with business partners, and more.  Tickets are not yet available, but stay tuned!  If you’ve been following us and love the ideas behind Praxis but just can’t quite commit to the yearlong program, this conference is for you.

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