Ask Isaac: Things I’ve Learned, Craft Beer, Time Management, Future Goals, and ‘General Ed’ for Kids

First, a big shout-out to the podcast production intern Lav Kozakijevic!  Lav has been doing great work on editing, show notes, and a variety of other things.  He already makes me and the show better, and he just got started.

Today I take several audience questions, submitted via  (Oh, and I realized I totally forgot to answer the one about my favorite craft beer.  It’s Bells.)

Today’s questions:

  • Lessons from running Praxis?
  • Do you believe the craft beer industry is in a bubble at the moment that will soon pop, and what do you think will happen if it is? Also, what is your favorite brewery?
  • How do you manage having so many children and running a business, writing, speaking, etc?
  • Challenges as an unschooling father?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Is it valuable to think in those terms?
  • To what extent is “general ed” valuable? Is any common educational structure at the early ages a good thing, and if it is, what does that look like?

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