109 – FwTK: Listener Questions on Tons of Stuff

After a little rap by TK, we hit this week’s “Facebook Warriors” segment hard, covering the weird smugness of aversion to learning on the job for free instead of paying to not learn in a classroom.

Then we take questions.  Tons of questions.  The NBA, hip hop, books, Neil deGrasse Tyson, movies, impostor syndrome, homeschooling, logical consistency, and lots more.

Recommendations: The X Files, The Lost Room, Stranger Things.

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99 – FwTK: Quality of Life, School Sadness, Costly Resumes, Listener QA, and the Mandela Effect

Today we hit tons of stuff.  TK and I open with a discussion of how small amounts of money or time can pay huge quality of life dividends.  We lament the sadness of forcing kids into schools, discuss why a bad resume is like asking someone to pay you for nothing, and then dive into tons of listener questions.

Thanks to: Georgia Houghton, Francisco, Matt Needham, Karen Morehouse, Caitlyn Scheel, Nate Baker, Dan Sanchez, Zak Slayback, Maxine Cox, Wanda Lough, and Connor Jeffers for awesome questions.

  • How to be a successful entrepreneur?
  • How to work remotely, and pros/cons?
  • Does Isaac remember his mother?
  • Least favorite thinkers?
  • Are your 20’s as good as it gets?
  • Does interest in electoral politics make you less free? (Yes)
  • Best way to start a new routine?
  • Alternatives to STEM degrees?
  • Innovations we like but don’t know how to make?

Mentioned in the episode: Narnia, vacation, Chucky, Poking Hobbes in the Eye, The Student vs. The Entrepreneur Approach to Learning, The Mandela Effect, Horror Movie Epistemology, Tim Chermak, lightning learning, Tesla, time travelers, aliens, NDT, and a bunch more stuff.

Recommendations: PHI, and Beyond the Blame Game.

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92 – FwTK: Listener Questions on Tons of Stuff

Today TK became inexplicably obsessed with me respecting his name (also he’s getting a haircut for the first time in years so he’s respecting his mane…ba-dum!)

We talk a little about PDP’s and persistence without doing stuff you hate, then we dive into tons of great questions from: Eric Olson, Sigal Sharabani, Andrew Stover, Simon Fraser, Thomas Bogle, Michael Hogan, Julia Patterson, Jeff Till, Forrest Plaster, Gabe Mitchell, Philip Gross, and Kelly Hackman.

Some of the questions were:

  • Can you promote my book? (Yes!  See below)
  • Can order exist without state monopolies, even when bad people want to do bad things?
  • The Terminator-like future of Praxis
  • How to get important people to do favors for you
  • Why is success specific but failure is universal? (or is it?)
  • Should you cut negative people out of your life? (Yes)
  • Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson duets
  • How to get off the conveyor belt
  • Hayek and the size and structure of companies
  • Is boredom good?
  • Is the German school system good?
  • Lessons from seeing life as a game

Mentioned in the episode: Blake Boles, Taking a Walk as a Revolutionary Act, Noble Boredom, Ronald Coase, The Pretense of Knowledge, The Use of Knowledge in Society, Robert Heinlein, Ursela Le Guin, Don’t Do Stuff You Hate (now on Amazon!)

Today’s recommendations: The Option Method by Bruce Di Marsico, The Optimistic Child by Martin Seligman.

Eric’s Book: Why Every President Sucked, check it out on KickStarter.

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86 – FwTK: Don’t Ask Ideology to Be Your Identity

Today we take a few Ask Isaac questions and dive into the problem of asking your ideology to be an all-consuming identity.  Political philosophy needn’t be life philosophy, religious beliefs needn’t be aesthetic preferences, networks built around one thing needn’t serve every other thing.  You’ll probably end up a perpetually frustrated crusader if you don’t realize this.

Thanks to David Richelson and Leonard Marino for great listener questions!

  • How to tell the different between stuff you hate and stuff that challenges you in a good way?
  • Better to have a too long or too short bucket list?

Mentioned in this episode: H.L. Mencken, Man’s Search for Meaning, The Twighlight Zone, the good life, bucket lists, hard work vs. hated work.

Recommendations from this episode: How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

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81 – FwTK: Sweatshops, Parents, Podcasts, Biz Ideas, and Live Q&A

Today is another FwTK/Ask Isaac combo where we take questions submitted via the website and live questions from Facebook.

Covered in the episode: TK admits, “I’m angry at everybody”, we answer a few tough questions about choosing alternatives to college and dealing with skeptical parents, as well as how to build a network outside of school.  Plus an assortment of other great questions, including:

  • What ideas are we wrestling with?
  • What can a 12 year old do to earn money?
  • Should sweatshops be banned?
  • One-on-one basketball matchup predictions?
  • Should people who love liberty be more vocal about racial issues?
  • What podcasts do we listen to?
  • The WNBA?

Thanks to Vake, Tim, Morgan, Cameron (and Derek), Edward, Billy, Walter, Danny, Simon, and Don for questions.

Recommendations: The Most Dangerous Superstition, by Larken Rose, The State is Out of Date, by Gregory Sams, the brand spanking new discoverpraxis.com and the video there!

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Episode 72: FwTK – Books, Rationing, Bandwagons, Failure Fetishes, and More

TK and I cover a wide range of topics and I kind of went nuts taking more mic time than normal.  Host privilege is real.

Mentioned in the episode: The Machinery of Freedom, Be Slightly Evil, Without Their Permission, Neil Gaiman, management books, Notes on the Synthesis of Form, Herbert Spencer, Tempo, The Gervais Principle, The Obedience-Entitlement Matrix, The Matrix (movie), Moral Technology, Generation Z, Coursera, Gatekeepers, Google AdWords, “Faithfully” by Journey and lots of other stuff I’m forgetting.

Thanks to Zak Slayback for great ideas and recs, and Peter Neiger and Kelly Hackman for listener questions.

Recommendations: The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis, Social Statics by Herbert Spencer.

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Episode 66.5: FwTK – Wantrepreneurship, Quitting, Greatness, Golf, and other Questions

Today TK and I take questions in near real-time, submitted via Facebook while we were recording.  Careful, this one’s hot!

  • How to not get stuck being a “wantrepreneur”
  • How to test an idea before launch
  • How to get better at quitting stuff you hate
  • The psychological impact of entrepreneurship vs. FOMO
  • Why Kobe is greater than LeBron
  • Maps vs. territory
  • Grad school
  • Remote work cultures
  • The ‘corporatization’ of college
  • Drugs
  • Fixing your hook in golf
  • What parts of the college bundle will be next to get disrupted?
  • Egoism
  • My bad grammar
  • TK’s plans to remake the NBA to be more like the WWE
  • What’s the next fad career?

Thanks to: Matt, Tom, Ben, Jonathan, Liz, Carl, Gabe, Ken, Andrew, Daniel, and Michael for your questions!  Submit them anytime on this website or via Facebook.

Mentioned in this episode: Philip K. Dick, T.M.T.S., Osiris, Breaking Smart, Metaphors We Live By, a few of my Praxis Facebook videos, Abraham Maslow, The End of Jobs, and a bunch more stuff.

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Episode 65.5: FwTK – ‘Valley of the Shadow of Debt’, Patriarchy, Anarchy, Basketball, Internet Fame, and Listener Questions

Today we tackle a little bit of everything in this Fridays with TK episode, merged with “Ask Isaac”.

  • The Valley of the Shadow of Debt and how to avoid it.
  • Are boys are girls treated differently?  What does it mean?
  • How to sell unpopular ideas?  Should you reform or revolutionize?
  • What does Kobe Bryant’s 20 year tenure with a single team mean?
  • Can we survive without government?
  • What’s up with the graph about physicians and administrators?
  • How do you deal with internet fame you didn’t want?

Mentioned in the episode: Robert Anton Wilson, Karl Hess, James P. Carse, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Kobe Bryant, John Hasnas, Howard Thurman, and probably more I’m forgetting.

Thanks to: Anonymous, Artie Duncanson, Phil Gross, Harold Serrano, Harry Miller, Byron Matthews, Phil Trubey, and Jim Taylor for submitting questions.  Submit your own any time via Ask Isaac!

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Ask Isaac: ‘Business Bores Me’, Ecuador, Blogging Tips, and Startup Stuff

Some questions have accumulated and it’s time for an Ask Isaac episode!  I really enjoy doing these because there’s no logistical stress with a guest, no prep work, and I get to talk directly to listeners, which feels kind of intimate (as weird as that sounds since I’m just talking into a mic in a room by myself).  Plus, the questions are always fun and I like wrestling with them verbally.

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As you may know, I recently spent a couple of weeks in Ecuador with my family and there were a couple of questions regarding that adventure.  I was interviewed in depth about the trip on the (excellent) World Wanderers Podcast.  The episode should be live soon.

Other questions that were answered here:

  • Why ‘Ask Isaac’ episodes aren’t numbered?
  • A father asks about whether his daughter who is an average, B student who is not sure about her path and who was turned off from business by her econ class, would be a good candidate for Praxis?  (I cheated and had TK Coleman provide an answer which I echoed and emphasized the need to focus on creating value.)
  • Keri would like to start blogging every day and she wonders how do I do it.  Do you pick a niche to stick to?  Where does inspiration come from?
  • Another question on blogging comes from Peter who asks how I handle editing of my posts.   Do I edit immediately or do I post as soon as I write it down?  (Yes)
  • Philip wonders whether some people are unfit for a startup and what is the one characteristic needed in order to thrive in a startup?

(NOTE: For some reason, the sound is a little tinny on this episode.  It seems like my mic settings were a bit off.  Sorry!  Just pretend it’s more “authentic” that way, like a scratchy vinyl record.)

Send me questions anytime about anything.  I love to get them and will respond!

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Ask Isaac: Goals – Hate ’em? Love ’em? Use ’em? Shove ’em?

I’m not big on goal setting, yet I think consistent structure is key to achieving what you want (even if what you want isn’t perfectly defined).

I discuss this and a few other items on this episode.

Check out the episode sponsor, The Foundation for Economic Education to apply for an amazing experience learning about economics!

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Ask Isaac: Intro Music, Business Ideas, Information Freedom, Books, and Living in Charleston

  • Anonymous asks why the new intro music
  • Thomas Bogle asks what to do with business ideas if you don’t have the expertise to build them yourself
  • Andy Heinen asks how we can really have information without gatekeepers when people are trying to incentivise us to choose certain things all the time
  • Matt Needham asks for a book recommendation, and what the best and worst things are about living in Charleston

Submit your own questions anytime via this simple form.

This and all episodes are available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher.

Ask Isaac: Does Voting Matter?

Today’s question comes from Vivek Rajasekhar:

“Does voting matter? I’d argue that, only if your preferred candidate wins by exactly one vote (i.e. you are the tie-breaker) did your vote actually produce change.”

I give my response, which is rooted in Public Choice Theory.  Here’s a Public Choice primer I wrote if you want more details.

I also answer a bonus question about college football from Danny Benavidez in this, the final Ask Isaac episode of the year.  I’ll be back in 2016, so submit questions anytime via this link.

This episode was sponsored by the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and Praxis.  If you’re high school or college aged and interested in clear thinking about the world, you should check out a free FEE seminar this summer!  Tell them you heard about it here.  If you’re interested in creating your own education and career path outside of the classroom, apply to Praxis.  And of course, you can do both!

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Ask Isaac: Marginal Utility for Beginners

In this episode I answer a very simple but incredibly important question from listener Steve Thomas:

  • Please explain the theory of marginal utility and give a few practical examples.

Through riddles and illustrations I try to make the ideas of value subjectivity and marginal utility easy to understand and recognize in everyday life.

Got a question? Ask here.

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Why Does College Matter so Much to Parents?

This is a written transcript of a portion of an Ask Isaac podcast episode.

We get this question a LOT, with people who are interested in Praxis or just interested in opting out and creating their own path. They know that college is not going to do anything for them. It’s boring. It’s super expensive. They’re not interested in sitting in a classroom and hearing things that they could learn on their own or things that they don’t even care about, often from professors who don’t care, fellow students who aren’t into it. I mean there are just a lot of people, a growing number, who are just like this isn’t all that great. And all the social aspects… I can get those. I can go to football games and parties and whatever. I don’t need to enroll for 4+ years to do this. But, it’s so much the dominant view among our parent’s generation that – I shouldn’t say “our”, I’m sort of in between – but college… that is really like a signal that you’re doing OK.

It gives Mom and Dad something to brag about at the cocktail party with their friends. It’s kind of like if you grow up in a religious community and people say, “How are you doing with God. Are you on the right track?” And if you just say, “Yeah, I’m going to church,” they’re fine. But, you could be going to church and horribly depressed or like doubting everything or totally unhappy… everything in your life is not going well. But, to them, that’s all they needed to hear. That signals that you’re OK. It’s a shortcut for them that makes them feel like you’re “good-to-go.” And you could be like, “I haven’t been going to church for a year, but I’ve never been better. My spiritual life is really great. I’ve been exploring new ways to connect with God,” and it doesn’t matter what you say they’re going to be scared. Right? They’re going to be worried about you because that signal, that shortcut: going to church equals I’m doing well spiritually… or going to college equals I am doing well in my life professionally.

You know… maybe that emerged for a reason, where the correlation was so strong, that it made sense for people to make that shortcut. You don’t want to get to know everyone’s life story so it’s like “oh, you’re in college, cool. You’re good to go.” But that correlation is so poor and it’s getting poorer. And it’s such a weak correlation and there is certainly no causation there. So you could say, “Oh, I dropped out of school, but I’m working on a start-up. I’m doing this fitness routine. I’m traveling the world. I’ve never been happier. I’m writing a book.” And all they heard was, “I dropped out of college,” and they’re just like, “Oh, my Gosh. You’re sleeping on a park bench and you’re a loser. I’m so depressed; I’m ashamed of you.”

And you could say, “Oh, I’m just about to graduate from a good school and I’m having really dark thoughts, and I hate my life, and I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t care about the job I was just offered. I’m depressed. My girlfriend broke up with me.” And all they hear is “Oh, you’re about to graduate. Well, that’s good. Everything else will take care of itself.” Right? It’s this weird, weird thing. So, it is very hard to convince your parents to let you do something other than college.

See part one for the answer to how to get your parents to open up to the idea.

Check out www.discoverpraxis.com if you want to take a year to get out of the classroom and do something awesome, on your terms, in the real world.

Ask Isaac: Transracial Adoption, LEGO, Loneliness, Anarchy, Meditation, Mentors, and a Death Match

Today I hit everything from the personal to the radical to the bizarre.  This episode is twice as long as I shoot for in a typical Ask episode, but there were a lot of questions, some fairly involved, and I have a big mouth.  Here are the questions submitted:

  • Would you defeat Ludwig von Mises in a death match?
  • What kind of LEGO sets did you have as a kid? (and if we’re honest, today)
  • How to get over the loneliness of entrepreneurship?
  • What three people, living or dead, would you pick as life coaches?
  • What are your greatest tools for creativity?  Do meditation and psychedelics have a place?
  • Favorite cigar?
  • Are you an anarchist?  If so, would you end government overnight or do you think a gradual process is needed?
  • How do you get yourself to do things you don’t enjoy?
  • Did your beliefs have an effect on your decision to adopt?  Do you recommend adoption for others?
  • What was the adoption process like?  What unique challenges do you face being a transracial family?

Thanks for submitting!  If you want so ask questions of your own, send ’em my way via this simple form,

As always, this and every episode is available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher.