My Monthly Newsletter Is Awesome. You Should Signup.

I wanted to find a way to deliver some kind of uniquely valuable stuff to you, my faithful readers and listeners, in a new format.  Something special and exclusive so you can brag to your friends that you are part of a secret club with decoder rings.

The decoder rings turned out to be too complicated and heavily monitored by the DHS so instead I opted for the next coolest thing.  A monthly email newsletter.

That’s right.  If you sign up (in the sidebar or the tab that says “Monthly Email”, which is a code-word for our secret club) you’ll get something super special in your inbox once every month.  It’s like a cartload of fresh ripe Honeycrisp apples delivered right to your door except it’s an email of words delivered to your screen.

I just sent out the first one yesterday.  I can’t verify, but initial reports indicate life-changing effects rippling across cyberspace.  Did you feel that?  Probably my newsletter blowing someone’s mind.

I will not normally include the content of these newsletters here on the blog.  It’s super secret and special, remember?  But just this once I will do so.  Very big of me, I know.

The newsletter is built around a review of a piece of media each month.  A book, movie, TV show, podcast or some other tidbit.  This month it’s the HBO series Silicon Valley.

You can check out the newsletter here.  More importantly, you can signup here!

Tell everyone.  But be secretive about it.  See you in the club next month with the other cool kids.