Periscope Experiment

I’m usually slow to adopt new platforms and technologies.  It took me ten years to finally appreciate Twitter despite repeated attempts.  I still have no use for the trendy workplace platform Slack.  I barely Instagram, I’ve never Snapchatted, and I can’t remember the name of that other one…Yik Yak?

But I’m in love with Periscope.

It’s one of the newer kids on the block, and it’s pregnant with potential.  Don’t be deceived.  If you download the app (do it!) and look around the globe to see who’s broadcasting, you might think it’s a little nutty or just a time waster.  So were all social platforms at first.  But this is so, so much more.

Periscope lets anyone with a smart phone live stream video for anyone in the world to watch simultaneously.  Not only that, viewers can comment in real time and the person recording can respond in real time.  It’s Twitter plus YouTube plus Yahoo Forums in one, all live.

Why did I add Yahoo Forums?  What’s one of the first results when you type “How do I know if this swollen cut is infected?” or, “Where is my carburetor?”  Cheesy, relatively inefficient forums where others share their thoughts.

Imagine streaming live while you try to fix your car and letting viewers instruct you as you go?

During the crazy rains here in SC I found several people showing live footage of what was happening near them.  Live concerts and shows are common.  One guy was giving live fantasy football advice right before kickoff.

There is so much more.  The possibilities are amazing.

I’m going to be experimenting with Periscope this week.  I’ll do at least one live session every day this week (yesterday I did one on how I prep for a podcast).  Check out my profile here:

After this week I hope to settle on some kind of idea for a weekly Periscope session where I can cover some topics and take questions live.  Who knows, maybe this is the future of Ask Isaac?