Say Goodbye

Alright, time to be a little vulnerable…

I’m totally comfortable writing, speaking, podcasting, and Facebooking many aspects of my life and thoughts. But music has always been something I keep pretty close. It’s a private hobby and I’m a little embarrassed to expose it to the world.

I don’t write songs often anymore, but about a year ago a melody and lyrics popped into my head and I worked it into a song. After interviewing musician Tim LeVan Miller on the podcast I was inspired to try something I’ve always wanted to do but never made a priority: record one of my songs in an actual studio. I’ve only ever recorded them in one take with my iPhone voice memo app.

In other words, I’ve never really heard my own songs. When I write them, I hear them as they could be, with a full band, and parts that are above my skill level. I wanted to hear this song as I imagined it.

Tim was awesome enough to not only give me time in his studio, but to produce it, add a bridge, and play many of the instruments. I haven’t had this much fun collaborating on a song since my days in Second Floor Jungle (Kalamazoo’s most famous youth group coffee house folk band).

Anyway, here’s the song. I recommend listening with headphones to get the stereo effect. I also recommend listening a few times in a row. It grows on you.

I hope you like it. But most importantly, I like it, so I say success!

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