A New Approach Next Month

After daily blogging for over a year, I’m going to try mixing things up for February and March.  In part because I’ll be in Ecuador most of the time, in part because I want to make myself write longer stuff more often, in part because I’m curious and I like change. 

I’ll still be writing or creating something every day, but I’ll be posting to the blog less frequently. My current plan is:

  • Weekly podcasts on Mondays
  • Special/Ask Isaac episode a second day per week
  • Longish article once a week

I might add some shorter posts in between as well. We’ll see how it goes. Honestly I’m more scared of not blogging every day at this point than I was of doing it in the first place. I fear I’ll become an illiterate slob or forget how to live a normal day without blogging or stop trimming my fingernails or something.

Time will tell!

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