Episode 66.5: FwTK – Wantrepreneurship, Quitting, Greatness, Golf, and other Questions

Today TK and I take questions in near real-time, submitted via Facebook while we were recording.  Careful, this one’s hot!

  • How to not get stuck being a “wantrepreneur”
  • How to test an idea before launch
  • How to get better at quitting stuff you hate
  • The psychological impact of entrepreneurship vs. FOMO
  • Why Kobe is greater than LeBron
  • Maps vs. territory
  • Grad school
  • Remote work cultures
  • The ‘corporatization’ of college
  • Drugs
  • Fixing your hook in golf
  • What parts of the college bundle will be next to get disrupted?
  • Egoism
  • My bad grammar
  • TK’s plans to remake the NBA to be more like the WWE
  • What’s the next fad career?

Thanks to: Matt, Tom, Ben, Jonathan, Liz, Carl, Gabe, Ken, Andrew, Daniel, and Michael for your questions!  Submit them anytime on this website or via Facebook.

Mentioned in this episode: Philip K. Dick, T.M.T.S., Osiris, Breaking Smart, Metaphors We Live By, a few of my Praxis Facebook videos, Abraham Maslow, The End of Jobs, and a bunch more stuff.

This and all episodes are available on SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube, and Stitcher.

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