Episode 72: FwTK – Books, Rationing, Bandwagons, Failure Fetishes, and More

TK and I cover a wide range of topics and I kind of went nuts taking more mic time than normal.  Host privilege is real.

Mentioned in the episode: The Machinery of Freedom, Be Slightly Evil, Without Their Permission, Neil Gaiman, management books, Notes on the Synthesis of Form, Herbert Spencer, Tempo, The Gervais Principle, The Obedience-Entitlement Matrix, The Matrix (movie), Moral Technology, Generation Z, Coursera, Gatekeepers, Google AdWords, “Faithfully” by Journey and lots of other stuff I’m forgetting.

Thanks to Zak Slayback for great ideas and recs, and Peter Neiger and Kelly Hackman for listener questions.

Recommendations: The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis, Social Statics by Herbert Spencer.

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