100 – Kylon Gienger on the Launch of The Succesful Dropout

Kylon Gienger is a serial entrepreneur and the creator of The Successful Dropout Podcast. Since dropping out of college during freshman year, Kylon has founded and co-founded companies in the construction, fitness, food, and online education industries.

Seeing the ineffectiveness of traditional education and the rise of amazing alternatives, Kylon set out to create the ultimate resource for young people considering leaving college, or skipping it altogether, and so The Successful Dropout was born.  

Covered in this episode:

  • Kylon’s morning routine
  • How homeschool pushed Kylon towards entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship lessons from youth ministry
  • Is kidnapping a wedding tradition?
  • How leaving the Navy launched Kylon’s entrepreneurial journey
  • Starting and growing a painting company, a hot yoga studio, and a juice bar
  • Systems and risks for hiring employees
  • Deciding to branch out from one business into other businesses
  • Why Kylon started The Successful Dropout
  • Just in time learning vs. just in case learning
  • What’s next for The Successful Dropout

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