99 – FwTK: Quality of Life, School Sadness, Costly Resumes, Listener QA, and the Mandela Effect

Today we hit tons of stuff.  TK and I open with a discussion of how small amounts of money or time can pay huge quality of life dividends.  We lament the sadness of forcing kids into schools, discuss why a bad resume is like asking someone to pay you for nothing, and then dive into tons of listener questions.

Thanks to: Georgia Houghton, Francisco, Matt Needham, Karen Morehouse, Caitlyn Scheel, Nate Baker, Dan Sanchez, Zak Slayback, Maxine Cox, Wanda Lough, and Connor Jeffers for awesome questions.

  • How to be a successful entrepreneur?
  • How to work remotely, and pros/cons?
  • Does Isaac remember his mother?
  • Least favorite thinkers?
  • Are your 20’s as good as it gets?
  • Does interest in electoral politics make you less free? (Yes)
  • Best way to start a new routine?
  • Alternatives to STEM degrees?
  • Innovations we like but don’t know how to make?

Mentioned in the episode: Narnia, vacation, Chucky, Poking Hobbes in the Eye, The Student vs. The Entrepreneur Approach to Learning, The Mandela Effect, Horror Movie Epistemology, Tim Chermak, lightning learning, Tesla, time travelers, aliens, NDT, and a bunch more stuff.

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