112 – Matt Needham Talks Social Change

Matt Needham

Matt Needham is the host of the Social Change Podcast and Senior Director of Leadership Development at Students For Liberty.

Matt’s passion is advancing individual liberty. His search for ways to make the world a freer place led him to his work at Students For Liberty and also led to his interest in deeply understanding social change.

The Social Change Podcast was born the desire to learn more about how people are changing the world. Matt digs deep into theories of social change with actual practitioners; the people taking action to reshape the world.

The episode cover a wide range of topics:

  • Why did Matt start his podcast
  • How to use a podcast as a learning tool
  • Why non-profits need a clear theory of social change
  • How can non-profits balance activities that are good for fundraising and the activities that are good for achieving the desired outcomes
  • Discovering libertarian ideas
  • Building a career advancing liberty
  • Why Matt chose not to go to law school
  • Lessons learned from starting a podcast
  • The Hayekian theory of social change
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities from social issues
  • Practical tips for starting a podcast


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