113 – Steve Patterson on Math, Infinity, and the Knowability of Truth

Steve Patterson is a rationalist philosopher and intellectual entrepreneur working outside of academia. He is the host of Patterson in Pursuit, a podcast featuring deep conversations with top thinkers in logic, mathematics, quantum physics and other areas.

He is also the author of What’s The Big Deal About Bitcoin and the forthcoming book Square One: The Foundations of Knowledge.

Steve has been traveling around the world interviewing experts on everything from quantum physics to Christian theology, searching for answers to the questions most often cited by supporters of mystical, post-modern, and other worldviews that propose truth is ultimately unknowable.

We discuss academia, and how math and infinity relate to objective truth.

– Why the pursuit of truth in any area begins with the basics
– Why do people contradict the basic laws of logic?
– Are most philosophical debates really about language?
– The state of academia
– The incentives for academics
– What the church and academia have in common
– Philosophical problems with modern mathematics: Zeno’s paradox and infinity
– The metaphysics of numbers
– Concepts and Platonism
– What are the implications of math’s infinite set?
– How math is used to support irrationalism
– Why objective truth exists

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