Abbey Lovett

115 – Abbey Lovett on The Praxis Experience

Abbey Lovett joins the show to discuss her lessons learned from the Praxis experience. Abbey is an entrepreneur, podcast host, and current Praxis participant currently in the third month of the program.

She shares her highlights so far, from the support of the Praxis community to the challenges she’s faced in the curriculum.

In the second half of the episode, TK and Isaac talk about greatness, concretely defining goals, and putting truth above comfort in relationships.

Covered this episode:

  • Abby’s experience since starting Praxis and joining the community
  • The challenge of blogging for thirty days straight (Praxis month two)
  • The value of challenging yourself to do anything valuable
  • Being a people pleaser, but putting yourself first
  • Why TK thinks “being great” is a terrible goal
  • The difference between happy and unhappy people
  • The Inner Game of Tennis
  • Self-one vs. self-two, or the balance between conscious and unconscious mind in the pursuit of achievement
  • Bringing unconscious processes into conscious awareness
  • Why saying no to people is actually more polite
  • Commitment to truth over unity
  • Disagreeing while being respectful



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