116 – The Roundabout Approach to Relationships

Relationships (or the lack of) cause a lot of stress for a lot of people. Young people especially tend to think that finding the right partner will solve their problems, so they dedicate a massive amount of time, energy, and attention in the attempt to attract members of the opposite sex.

And it doesn’t work.

The desperate approach leaves them with the same problems or worse, spending all their time with people they don’t like.

What if the solution is to focus on something else entirely?

This is the idea we explore today on the podcast.

Topics Covered:

  • Christmas music
  • How young people respond to relationship problems, the victim vs. the aspirational player.
  • The antagonistic view of relationships with employers and romantic partners
  • Why being unimportant is liberating
  • The paradox of trying to be attractive
  • Never be desperate
  • Learning from heartbreak
  • Promises make relationship fragile
  • How to stay in your Zone of Power


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