“Unless You Are Like One of These…”

My daughter loves Moana.  We watched it again the other day.  I love the scene where the protagonist as a toddler walks right into the ocean after a seashell – something her cautious and fearful father would’ve never allowed.

The water parted.  She was in awe and playful, totally ignorant of the fact that toddling into the ocean is dangerous.  Her wide-eyed ignorance is the very thing that allowed her to experience the magic and power of her calling.  Had she known more, been better “educated”, she’d have never left the shore.

I often think about what I know now, four years in to building Praxis.  If I had known it back when I began, I never would have launched.  It would have been foolish.  I was nowhere near prepared to build what needed to be built.  My ignorance of the dangers of the journey turned out to be the most necessary asset.

You have to become like a little child to embark on the biggest adventures.

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