When I had a harder time controlling anger, or rather not being controlled by it, anger was the enemy.  I’ve gotten pretty good at not taking anything personally and redirecting anger into curiosity and dispassionate problem solving.

I don’t read the news, the comments section, or get into online debates.  I ignore politics and heated discussions with zealots in all arenas (except sports, where it’s pure play).  My life improved tenfold as I mastered the art of not getting riled up by the beliefs or actions of others, and looked for cause and effect instead of fair/unfair, right/wrong.

Now that I’ve tamed my fire, it’s become more valuable to selectively stoke it again.

TK Coleman and I do a session for Praxis opening seminars each month called. “Kicking Ass 101” where we share some top tips for success.  One of mine is “don’t take anything personally”, and one of TK’s is, “take everything personally”.  I don’t think they contradict when you know what we mean.  The first means choose to not be controlled by anger or a victim mindset.  The second means selectively choose to manufacturer a chip on your shoulder as motivation.  They work great in tandem.

I just got back from a car dealership to get a new lease on a car.  I’m letting every bit of hatred and rage for the corrupt government created hellhole that is the auto market well up in full force.  I’m cranking classic rock, fuming, and getting shit done.  Come at me.