I Love it When I Don’t Understand New Stuff

I’m on Steemit now, and I don’t get it.

After several years, I finally get Twitter.  Facebook took me a little while too (I thought Myspace was better, granted that was when you needed a .edu email address to get on Facebook, and I was no longer a student).  Instagram doesn’t do anything for me.  Reddit is great, but like scanning a fun newspaper in a foreign language.  Snapchat feels like the worst user experience I’ve ever seen and no plausible use case I can find for myself.

I love it when I don’t get it.  It means there are entire sections of society and culture in which others are fluent and I’ve yet to understand.  It means there are trends and changes I need to scramble to see.  It means the world is bigger and more interesting than what’s in my head.

Sometimes I eventually get it.  Other times I don’t.  Sometimes the things I don’t get end up being dumb anyway.  Other times they’re world-changing.

I’m always up to dabble, even if the result is total confusion.

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