My Greatest Foible

I talk too much.

The thing that makes this different from other weaknesses (like impatience, for example), is that I don’t get more productive when I ignore it and play to my strengths.  Shoring up most weaknesses is a waste of energy for the returns, where doubling down on strengths is better.  Not so with talking too much.

It often reduces the value of meetings, conversations, and relationships in ways I am aware of, but only ever realize fully after the fact.  A conversational vacuum to me is like a plump, juicy jugular to a vampire.

I can get away with it most times now, because I’m young and energetic and just quick enough to catch it before it goes too far.  What makes me cringe is thinking of when I’m old and less socially aware.  Your traits amplify when you get old and filters wear away (aging is like alcohol in this regard), and I’d hate to be the grandpa no one wants to hang out with because he won’t ever shut up.

Awareness of the problem and desire to fix it aren’t enough to make significant headway so far.  I’m trying to think of some exercises to help me talk less.  It’s especially hard on the phone with people I don’t know well.  Those pauses….they must be filled!

Maybe I’ll try giving one-word answers for a whole day, and only asking questions for everything else.

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