How Do I Get More Music in My Life?

I used to sit in my room for hours listening to music.

Nothing else, just listening.

It was a kind of therapy, philosophy, and creativity all in one.  It helped me know myself better, think lyrically and eventually begin writing, and ascend above any situation.

I rarely do this anymore.  I’ve got a noisy house full of kids and a day full of awesome work to do.  I listen to music while working as background.  When I take a walk I usually do podcasts or audiobooks, as reading is tough to fit in at home.  When driving, the car has too many kids to really lose myself in music seriously (doesn’t prevent me belting out diva tunes to annoy my kids and amuse myself).

Every time I do get lost in music, while doing the dishes or driving alone, it soothes my soul and inspires me in a way nothing else can.  I get lost imagining myself on stage, or fighting in some epic battle, or a blur of abstract images.  I get chills marveling at the notes hit, or harmonies woven.  I tell myself, “I need more of this.”

Still, it’s a costly indulgence.  Carving out time to do nothing but listen to music is as tough as hobbies like golfing, skiing, or surfing for a dad and entrepreneur.  It can be done, but it’s almost never worth the trade-offs.

Maybe I’ll join a band again in 15 years when my kids are mostly out of the house.

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