Four More Years! Four More Years!

In July, 2013 the Praxis website launched, and we waited anxiously for the first application to roll in.

I think we had five applications in the first month.  We’ll probably get twice that many today alone.

Today, I’m at the Praxis Weekend, a gathering of participants and alumni of the program, and nearly 100 people are here – just about half of our total network to date.

We’re still laying those first brick in the cathedral, but the semblance of a great structure is something exciting compared to the vacant field we started with.  I envisioned in my head, the night after the first opening seminar in February, 2014, where the first six participants gathered, coming to an event and looking out on hundreds or thousands of Praxians.

Today, we’re one step closer.  I get goose bumps imagining this event four years from now.

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