125 – Steve Patterson on Life as an Independent Intellectual

Steve Patterson is a rationalist philosopher and intellectual entrepreneur working outside of academia. He is the host of Patterson in Pursuit, a podcast featuring deep conversations with top thinkers in philosophy, mathematics, and many other disciplines.

He is also the author of What’s The Big Deal About Bitcoin and Square One: The Foundations of Knowledge.

This episode is a behind the scenes dive into life as an intellectual entrepreneur. From approaches to interviews, to handling haters, and the motivations behind Steve’s philosophic journey, it is a wide ranging conversation that will have a lot of interesting perspective for anyone interested in living an intellectual life.

In this episode:

  • The pressure to create click bait style content as a creator
  • Supporting yourself as an intellectual outside of academia
  • Handling criticism from supporters
  • Fans testing you to see if they can change your direction
  • Engaging with haters
  • Academic Specialization
  • Do academic intellectuals matter?
  • Approaches to interviewing experts and normal conversations

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