A Fun Way to Experience the Present

When I'm driving, I sometimes imagine individuals from various points in human history riding with me as we listen to the radio. I think about the songs, lyrics, even ads, and consider what kind of conversations and reactions they would generate from a person from medieval England or turn of the…

131 - WTF?! with Peter Leesson

Peter Leeson is a professor of economics and law at George Mason University, known for his work applying rational choice theory to unusual rituals and superstitions, piracy, and anarchy. His most recent book WTF?! an Economic Tour of the Weird, dives into some of the strangest rituals and events…

Moving Haiku

Where’d we get this stuff? Why did we bring it with us? Empty closets good.

Light House

Moved from one house to the next in the same neighborhood. Night and day difference. Never underestimate the importance of the direction light comes into the house.

Forward Tilt Friday


How to Have a Family and a Business

I'm taking questions on Quora today on this topic.  Here's the first, and my response. In the startup world, an unspoken hostility exist towards having a family life while trying to grow startups. What’s your advice for how to go about doing both? Well the first thing is to not worry about unspoken…

How Movie References Improve Company Culture

At Praxis, we have an all-remote team, work happening nearly every hour of every day, rapid communication, high expectations, and bend-over-backwards customer service. We are all pretty independent, confident, and unafraid of conflict.  We debate and discuss a lot of stuff, and have little patience…

The Danger and Usefulness of Labels

"I want to go into business." What do you mean by business? "I guess I don't know." I have a lot of conversations like that with young people.  They have some ill-defined desires and fears, and they feel pressure to choose a destiny or at least provide a ready answer when someone asks, "What are…

Just Keep Working

The fewer shiny objects that attract your attention, the better. To be sure, some of those shiny objects turn out to be awesome, big wins.  But it doesn't matter.  They'll find you if you do your work.  If you keep scanning the horizon to find and chase them, you'll never get work done, so even if…

Purge Haiku

Anything better Than throwing away old stuff? The pain is freedom