129 – Everyday Accounting for Life and Business with Levi Morehouse

On this episode, I’m joined by my brother Levi Morehouse, the CEO of Ceterus. Levi is fantastic at cutting down to the crucial aspects of accounting and in this episode, we dive into the most important numbers and accounting concepts you need to know as an entrepreneur, freelancer, or small business owner.

One of the resources Levi recommends for new entrepreneurs is Quickbooks. Because he feels passionately about small business entrepreneurship, Levi is offering to help entrepreneurs set up their QuickBooks Online accounts – free of charge. Click here to request for a member of Ceterus’ team to walk you through setting up your account.

In this episode:

  • Update on Ceterus’ growth
  • Accounting for non-numbers people
  • How to track personal finances
  • Holistically looking at expenses
  • Basic accounting for small business
  • The most important numbers for any business
  • Accounting basics for new freelancers and self-employed

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