What truly matters for attracting opportunities is your reputation. Your connections, friends, coworkers, and customers who know the type of work you do.

So many young people obsess over making a good looking resume—they go for impressive sounding internships and seek out volunteer experience. This might help with getting through gatekeepers in big companies. But what is a much stronger use of time and energy is building your reputation.

Doing great work, no matter what you do, and then sharing it. Talking to your customers, sharing on social media about what you love about your work, and impressesing your coworkers by kicking ass at your job.

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In This Episode:

  • No one has ever been hired for their resume
  • Why so many jobs go to people who know people at the company
  • Doing your current job exceptionally well is the best way to find new opportunities
  • Talking about what you love about your job
  • Build your reputation, don’t worry about your resume

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