134 – Thaddeus Russell and the Horrible Truth about WWII

Thaddeus Russell is the author of Renegade History of the United States, founder of Renegade University, host of the Unregistered Podcast, and an intellectual entrepreneur.

In this episode, Thaddeus and I dive into World War Two. The reasons why the US joined the war, why Franklin Roosevelt wanted war with Japan and Nazi Germany, what stopped Jewish immigrants from leaving Europe, and more.

Topics Discussed:

  • Renegade University
  • The reasons people believe the US entered WW2
  • FDR and the war in the Pacific
  • Roosevelt’s desire for war with Japan
  • Jewish immigration to the United States
  • Trust in the media
  • Self-censorship in the media before and during WW2
  • The argument for going to war with Nazi Germany in 1942
  • Why Roosevelt wanted to go to war with Nazi Germany
  • Germany post WW1
  • Autarky in Nazi Germany and Japan
  • The US controlling international trade
  • US refusal of Jewish Immigrants before and during WW2
  • Immigration quotas


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