A Few Items for 2018

  • I’m using a series of Trello boards again.  Tasks, Creative, Ideas, Done, Dead.  Simple, clean, every day check in on running lists for both deep work, and to fill those in-between times I was previously filling with a social media checkin here or there.
  • Less social media.  I pulled way back in 2017, down to about 10 mins/day on Facebook, and 20 on Twitter.  Tightening even more.
  • Writing daily, not publishing to the blog daily.  I’m working on a lot more Praxis product/curriculum content, and focusing my daily writing on that this year.
  • Podcast focus narrowed.  I’ll be sporadically recording new podcast episodes rather than regularly, focusing the regular recording on Office Hours with my man TK.
  • Office.  Yes, a physical office in downtown Charleston for Praxis next stage of growth.  It’s badass.  Coming soon.
  • Alarm clock.  It had been a life goal of mine to never use one.  Achievement unlocked.  Less interesting than I thought.  I didn’t use one for most of the past three years.  Now I want to again (especially since not working from home anymore, to get my daily walk in, I’ve got to adjust my schedule earlier).
  • Praxis, Praxis, and more Praxis.  As CEO, my three areas of focus are money, talent, and vision.  I want to double everything this year, including my own productivity.
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